Rare Engraved Opaque Twist Gin Glass

Rare Engraved Opaque Twist Gin Glass

C 1760/65

Item Ref: 431

A rare opaque twist gin glass having a trumpet bowl over a double series twist on a plain conical foot, the bowl engraved with No Gin-No King .

The mid 18th century saw several taxes at various dates imposed to curb the consumption and production of gin which had had become a serious problem,mainly in the capital,Hogarth's Gin Alley graphically portrays the perceived evils of Gin, these taxes were met with a great deal of opposition from the populous who marched and rioted in the streets and are documented as having the chant , No gin No king.

Many glasses are given the label "Gin" with no documented period confirmation however the intentions for this one are quite clear.

Height 4 11/16th ins 11.9 cm

A very rare glass in perfect original condition.