Rare Engraved Air Twist Wine Glass

Rare Engraved Air Twist Wine Glass

C 1750/55

Item Ref: 544

A very fine and rare wine glass having an ogee bowl that has a superbly engraved and profusely polished armorial, on the front top there is a blindfolded chap holding a scythe the blade on the ground, possibly the grim reaper ?? below him is a bird and below that is an undetermined object , to the left there is a wonderfully engraved and polished Wyvern and to the right of centre a finely engraved and again polished Dove of Peace,

The stem is a double series air twist having an inner heavy corkscrew with a pair of threads around. All on a conical foot

Height 5 1/8th ins 13 cm

Despite lengthy investigations no definitive explanation has yet been found for the possible meaning behind the armorial, it could of course also be entirely fictional ,suggestions welcomed.

A superb rare glass in perfect original condition.