Facon de Venise Wine Carafe

Facon de Venise Wine Carafe


Item Ref: 286

A magnificent and large Facon de Venise Wine carafe with vermicular collar on the neck leading down to a milled rim at the join of the body which is decorated with " Nipt Diamond Waies ", a description first used by George Ravenscroft for the technique of manipulating adjacent vertical ribs with pincers to form a diamond pattern, unfortunately this term is often abused for simply diamond moulded items ,the operative part of the description is "Nipt," a manual operation carried out by the glass maker.

A superb large example which exhibits a distinct blue tint to the metal , possibly from the use of Cobalt as a de-colouriser

Condition is superb for a 300+ year old wine carafe which has seen many a filling and emptying with some light residue to the interior and a tiny stable star crack towards the base.

Probably Netherlands possibly England.

Height 9 1/4 ins 23.5 cm