Welcome to the Adamson Antiques website. Sole proprietor Peter Adamson is a collector, researcher, writer and dealer and has had the enormous pleasure of supplying fine antique glass to museums, discerning collectors and other glass retailers worldwide for many years.

The website has been kept clean and uncluttered - with the focus being to provide high quality, multiple images for each item.

Specialists in fine antique English & Continental glass for the table

The Adamson Collection contains most recognised forms of antique glass for the table with English glass from the late 17th and 18th century including heavy balusters, light balusters, air twists, opaque twists, colour twists and plain stems. Fine Dutch engraved glass is also well represented.

Other items for the table will include tazzas, sweetmeats, dessert glasses, oil lamps, tumblers and tankards. The collection also brings together Continental glass from the 16th Century onwards including Venetian glass, Façon de Venise glass and fine examples from most European glass centres including Germany, Bohemia and the Low Countries.

Latest Georgian & pre-Georgian glass