about Pre-1700 Glass Pre-1700 Glass

British and Continental glass produced prior to 1700 can include the earliest of the baluster glasses and other English lead vessels along with those made prior to the introduction of Lead glass in both England and on the Continent - including the Low Countries, Germany, Bohemia and Italy, and occasionally glasses from France and Spain.

Continental Europe is responsible for the production of some of the world’s finest creations in glass for the table. Decorators in many mediums were all too ready to apply their skills, diamond point, enamelling and very fine wheel engraving. Continental Europe excelled in these forms of decoration and it would be a very long time till such excellence would be accomplished in Britain.

All manner of vessels were made, including goblets, wines, plates, salvers, cordials, bottles and decanters. As with all items produced in high volumes - glass is no exception in that a great variation in quality can be seen in both manufacture and decoration. Age alone does not guarantee quality or desirability and collectors should always seek the best examples that their budget allows.

Regular visits to colleagues in the major European glass centres enable me to keep abreast of current thinking - and also allow me to find appropriate items for collectors.