Rare Cylinder Stem Baluster Cordial Glass

Rare Cylinder Stem Baluster Cordial Glass

C 1715/20

Item Ref: 720

A superb tall and very rare baluster cordial glass having a flared trumpet bowl with solid base on a flattened knop with collar over a bold cylinder stem with tear and terminating with a dumbell knop, all on a domed foot.

Height 7 1/8th ins 18.1 cm

Provenance , Rex Ebbott Collection, Victoria, Australia

Other similar examples of these rare cordial glasses can be seen in "Strength and Chearfulness " The John Towse collection of English tall cordial glasses. Delomosne & Son Ltd 1997

A similar example with plain foot can be seen in Bonhams sale 20th November 2019 lot 72 (£5312.00)

A splendid rare glass in perfect original condition.