Baluster Coin Goblet

Baluster Coin Goblet

C 1700/1720

Item Ref: 359

A very rare baluster coin goblet, having a round funnel bowl over a merese leading to a hollow blown knop with seven raspberry prunts and containing a silver William the 111rd 4 pence Maundy coin,below which is another merese leading to a plain section and basal knop, all standing on a folded conical foot.

This glass belongs to a small distinctive group of coin goblets made during the first decades of the 18th century, the stems having hollow knops applied with varying numbers of raspberry prunts. The coins are frequently earlier in date than the shape of glass would suggest and the use of raspberry prunts look back to 17th century traditions.

It is interesting to note that Maundy money was offered out to the poor by the monarch personally, a tradition that continues today, so could King Billy have handled this one?

Height 7 7/8th ins 19.8 cm

An excellent rare goblet in perfect original condition,there is some cloudiness to the knop, a fairly common occurrence with coin glasses.

For a recent parallel see Bonhams sale ,15th November 2017 lot 79 , for a smaller example.