Composite Stem Jacobite Goblet

Composite Stem Jacobite Goblet


Item Ref: 208

A very fine Jacobite goblet. The round funnel bowl is finely engraved with Honeysuckle, Moth and Bee, on a MSAT composite stem with inverted baluster knop on a domed foot .

For many years I have been very fortunate to have been in discussion with the leading authorities on Jacobite glass and their engravers, namely Dr G Seddon and Mr Ian Mckenzie - resulting in a thorough understanding of the engravers and their techniques.

This expertise has been invaluable in sorting the period examples from the many later reincarnations; research that has also resulted in the discovery of the creator of the diamond point engraved "Amen Glasses" as Sir Robert Strange a well known Scottish Line engraver who was in the employ of the Bonnie Prince. Please ask if you would like more details.

Height 7 3/8th ins / 18.7 cm