Engraved Pedestal Stem Goblet

Engraved Pedestal Stem Goblet


Item Ref: 266

A very good Dutch engraved eight sided pedestal stem goblet with round funnel bowl, the teared pedestal stem is very crisply moulded with diamond pointed shoulders and a single collar at the base, all standing on a folded conical foot.

The finely engraved arms with a lot of polished details include three crescent moons with coronet above and a floral surround, the nearest arms that could be found are those of the English Cheke/Cheek family though their three crescents have a different orientation and don't include a coronet , so something left for the new owner to research while enjoying the goblet full of something nice !!

In excellent original condition with the metal having a lovely blue grey hue which has the merest hint of crizzling, this is almost invisible to the eye except with very strong lighting and is in no way a detriment to this fine goblet and is only mentioned for total accuracy.

Height 7 1/4 ins 18.4 cm