Facon de Venise Wine Glass

Facon de Venise Wine Glass


Item Ref: 238

A very fine Facon de Venise wine glass with "Filigrana a Fili " stem and foot,the conical bowl with solid base has a merese over a hollow Filigrana a Fili baluster knop and basal merese all on a conical foot.

A comparable glass is in the Ariana Museum in Geneva (Baumgartner 1995 p51), Erwin Baumgartner argues that these glasses,though usually attributed to Venice or the netherlands.most probably originate in Switzerland or south Germany. His argument being that most museum collections don't contain glasses of this type while Swiss museums do.in addition they were found during excavations in Switzerland but Dutch sites seem to show no evidence of them.

see " A Collection of Filligrana Glass " by Kitty Lameris Amsterdam 2012

Height 5 3/16th ins 13.2 cm