Large pedestal Stem Goblet

Large pedestal Stem Goblet

C 1715/25

Item Ref: 353

This superb pedestal stem goblet has a typical Baluster period round funnel bowl with 1/2 knop below and to quote Delomosne and Sons Ltd when referring to both Baluster stemmed glasses and Pedestal stemmed glasses that " the round funnel bowl with 1/2 knop below seems to have been reserved for only the finest of glasses".

This large example has a very crisply moulded 8 sided stem with diamonds on the shoulders and also contains a long tear, all standing on a folded conical foot, the metal is a lovely grey blue with a substantial weight of 396 grams or 14 oz's , both characteristic features of the finest glasses of the period.

Moulded pedestal stem glasses have always played second fiddle to Baluster stemmed glasses from the same period C 1715/25 yet the finest English examples are a match for any Baluster glass, pedestal stems were made in continental Europe since the 17th c though those stems were not moulded but hand tooled , it is often quoted that pedestal stems appeared in England c 1714/15 in celebration of the Hanoverian King George 1st coronation based on the few that have moulded dedications to king George on the top surfaces of the stems, you will also read that the progression from 4 to 6 to 8 sides evolved over a period of time but more recent opinions are that they appeared almost simultaneously as the moulding technique was perfected , mostly based on comparison of metal and bowl shapes that correspond to Baluster stemmed glasses of the same period , (1715/25) These glasses are not to be confused with the vast amount of much inferior pedestal stems that were produced in continental Europe in soda metal though there are as always some exceptions. later in the 18th century lead glass pedestal stems were produced in a few European glass making centres including Holland and Thuringia however the metal(much brighter) and forms(less substantial) tend to make them fairly easily distinguishable from their earlier English counterparts.

Height 7 1/2 ins 19 cm and in very fine condition