Light Baluster Pedestal Stem Goblet

Light Baluster Pedestal Stem Goblet

C 1740/50

Item Ref: 331

A rare Light Baluster goblet with a very large round funnel bowl over a triple annular knop and 8 sided pedestal stem with diamonds to the shoulder and knop at the base,all on a domed and folded foot.

Light Baluster pedestal stems are rare glasses,for a similar glass and discussion see Ward Lloyd "Investing in Georgian Glass"

Quote " There is one magnificent glass type which can be confidently ascribed to Newcastle. These are most carefully constructed wine glasses carrying a round funnel bowl of good capacity on a beautifully made moulded pedestal stem"

of course the origin of the "Newcastle" Light balusters is still the subject of much debate,however wherever they were produced they are certainly one of the finest groups of glasses ever to be produced and this example is certainly one of the best I have seen in many years.

A wonderful glass in perfect original condition

Height 7 3/4 ins 19.7 cm