Rare Baluster Wine Glass

Rare Baluster Wine Glass

C 1725/30

Item Ref: 539

A fine Baluster/Balustroid wine glass having a trumpet bowl over a drop knop stem with cushion and basal knop below , all on a domed foot.

Height 6 5/16th ins 16.1 cm

Ex Cranch Collection , I believe this glass to be the one illustrated in Bickerton plate 231, however the height given for that example is 6 1/2 ins, a slight error maybe, it may also be the example illustrated in B Haynes plate 67 though no height is mentioned ,

Both Bickerton and Haynes relied heavily on glasses from the Cranch Collection to illustrate their books and in his acknowledgements Bickerton says this " To one owner especially, Graeme Cranch, I must record my appreciation of his encouragement and belief that I could add something useful to the literature of the subject."

A fine glass which although illustrated in the Balustroid section of both books its weight and substance leads me to believe its date is more toward the earlier date range for Balustroids which is 1725/35 and therefor worthy of the title, a Baluster wine glass. Either way a very appealing and rare glass.

In perfect original condition.