"Rare" Jacobite Wine Glass

"Rare" Jacobite Wine Glass

C 1760/65

Item Ref: 293

A rare Jacobite wine glass with bucket bowl engraved with a stylized rose and closed bud with a thistle to the reverse,the uncommon bucket bowl sits on a single series twist and plain conical foot .

Another from the same set is illustrated in the latest revised edition (2015) of "The Jacobites and their Drinking Glasses"by Dr G Seddon. Another is held in the collection of the internationally recognized Jacobite authority Mr Ian McKenzie of Adelaide Australia who's revelations regarding the creator of the famous diamond point engraved "Amen" glasses were presented by Dr Seddon to the greater glass community at the "400 Years of Glass Making in Scotland" conference held in Edinburgh in 2010,This information is also included in the latest edition of Dr Seddons book.

Height 6 1/8th ins 15.5 cm