Rare pair of "James Giles" Wine Glasses.

Rare pair of "James Giles" Wine Glasses.

C 1765/70

Item Ref: 335

A superb and rare pair of multi spiral opaque twist wine glasses decorated by James Giles featuring a wonderful neoclassical border to the rim with flower sprigs below.

The most commonly found glasses decorated by Giles are plain stem opaque twists and facet stems, the use of knopped stem glasses was very uncommon,this splendid pair have superb bright gilding with only some very tiny rubbed parts which is common in varying degrees with gold gilding.there are a couple of sooty deposits in each stem from manufacture which in no way detract from this superb pair

A rare original pair in superb condition being offered at a realistic price when compared to some that have been offered by other retailers.

Height 5 7/8th ins 13 cm