"Rare" Plain Stem Ratafia Glass

"Rare" Plain Stem Ratafia Glass

C 1740/50

Item Ref: 328

A Rare and superb plain stem Ratafia glass or possibly more accurately a "Surfeit Waters" glass,

Surfeit waters being used to combat the effects of excessive consumption at the Georgian dining table.after which the over indulgence could continue.

(for those of a delicate disposition read no further !!! Surfeit waters were taken to induce vomiting )

Waters, not to be confused with water were made in many varieties to cure everything from headaches to wooden legs !!, many recipes are available via Mr google for the adventurous drinkers to experiment with though the preparation of some took many days to achieve.

This is a superb tall example with fluting to the lower half of the bowl leading to a plain conical foot,plain stem Ratafias or Surfeit glasses are much rarer in plain stem versions that the frequently seen opaque twist varieties.

In perfect original condition.with just a few faint scratches to the bowl at the base.

Height 8 1/4 ins 21 cm