Rare Syllabub Glass

Rare Syllabub Glass

C 1740/50

Item Ref: 440

A rare and early dessert glass, almost certainly a syllabub glass,having a large wide double ogee bowl which descends into a very unusual and heavy double gather with a merese at its base, all on a folded conical foot .

Height 4 1/4 ins 10.8 cm

A rare glass in perfect original condition.

For further examples of dessert glasses with this heavy double gather see "18th century glasses for the dessert ", The Tim Udall Collection, published by Delomosne and Son Ltd 2011. which also contains a superb essay and recipes for syllabubs and other desserts .

All examples illustrated with this heavy double gather are dessert glasses and would more than likely have come from a single glass house,

Syllabub was a frothy drink made with cream or milk to which wine was added and often sweetened and flavoured, the creamy froth would have been taken off with a spoon and the remaining liquid would have been drunk.