Six Jacobite Wine Glasses

Six Jacobite Wine Glasses

C 1800/1820

Item Ref: 423

A rare set of Jacobite wine glasses having large funnel bowls decorated with a heraldic rose, open and closed buds and a moth,on a double series opaque twist stem and conical foot.

Height 6 5/16th ins 16.1 cm

Clearly by this date the cause was nothing more than a forlorn hope though many clubs and society's remained in support throughout the 18th and 19th centuries and would of course over the passage of time and use require replacements, some clubs and society's continue to this day.

A lovely set which if like me you like to use your glasses the large bowls are perfect for today's preferences.

This set will not be split and I have priced them very advantageously to keep them together.