Tall Georgian Open Flame Oil Lamp

Tall Georgian Open Flame Oil Lamp

C 1750

Item Ref: 314

A tall "open flame" oil lamp, often referred to as Lace makers lamps though I would recommend the book "The Open Flame Lamp" by Kieth Kelsall and in particular chapter 4, titled "were they really lace makers lamps" ?

An excellent tall example with globular reservoir with drip pan over a hollow cushion knop and hollow stem with basal merese,the handle is of typical form with thumb piece and no cracks. all standing on a large domed and folded foot

A lovely example in perfect condition including a period metal wick holder and replacement wick.

Height 9 1/2 ins 24.2 cm

maybe in these times of rising electricity costs the open flame lamp will return as a useful household item , the "Adamson"collection contains a large selection of oil lamps in various forms,please ask for more details if required.